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MRCA's safety program is geared toward roofing contractor safety professionals.

SHARP Plus Safety Certification will advance the safety culture of your company through roofing-specific safety training in webinars, educational sessions, and participation in the MRCA Safety Award Program. Upon completion of the program, your company will be MRCA SHARP Plus Safety Certified for the year 2025. SHARP Plus Safety Certification may be renewed annually.

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  • Be a current MRCA Member

  • Complete the Online Application  &  pay $800 Certification Fee

  • Companies that earn at least (8)* credit hours in 2024 (including the Safety Award Program), will receive MRCA SHARP Plus Safety Certification. Certification may be renewed annually.


Available Credits in 2024: 

* 8 credits must be earned by your company to receive the 'SHARP Plus Safety Certification'. Credit hours are denoted by the parentheses of each item.


Zoom links will be emailed out prior to each scheduled webinar.
Webinars are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time.

*If you cannot attend a live webinar, recordings will be made available at a later date in which you can still receive credit.

Click to watch a sample webinar from 2022 for free!

Webinar Schedule:

  • (1) Introduction to the 2024 Program, and any OSHA Updates
    • Date: February 15th @ 2:00PM EST
    • Instructor: Gary Auman (Auman, Mahan & Furry)

  • (1) General EAP and Workplace Violence
    • Date: February 29th @ 2:00PM EST
    • Instructor:  Gary Auman (Auman, Mahan & Furry)

  • (1) Defensive Driving
    • Date: March 14th @ 2:00PM EDT
    • Instructor: Steve Gibson (Westfield Insurance)

  • (1) General Duty Clause - Including Melanoma and DFSP
    • Date: March 28th @ 2:00PM EST
    • Instructor: Gary Auman (Auman, Mahan & Furry)

  • (1) Heat Illness and Stress
    • Date: April 4th @ 2:00PM EST
    • Instructor: Gary Auman (Auman, Mahan & Furry)

  • (1) Mental Health - TBD
    • Date: TBD @ 2:00PM EST
    • Instructor: TBD

*   MRCA's Safety Program Award (Promo code for an application fee discount will be provided to SHARP CERTIFICATION Participants)

  • (2) Completion of Safety Award Application (MANDATORY)
    • Date: June / July 2024
    • Judge: Gary Auman (Auman, Mahan & Furry)


Conference Sessions

  • (1.5) TBD
    • Date: TBD
    • Instructor: TBD

  • (1.5) TBD
    • Date: TBD
    • Instructor: TBD


Note:   a   *   means that step must be completed