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Abstract Research Poster Contest Winners 2022-2023

Abstract Poster Contest Winners


The Cleveland Academy of Osteopathic Medicine's (CAOM)  Abstract Committee proudly announces

the 2023 Abstract Research Award Winners


Fellow Winner

First Place - Ashwin K. Shankar, DO, University Hospitals, Allergy & Immunology Program | Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Mimicking Idiopathic Anaphylaxis

Resident Winner

  • First Place - Brandon J. Ritchie, DO, University Hospitals Osteopathic Consortium, Transitional Year Residency | Chronic Ankle Instability: A Division-I Athlete’s Challenging Recovery from Lateral Ligament Repair and the Benefit of Lymphatic Drainage

  • Second Place - Mohan B. Muvvala, DO, University Hospitals Osteopathic Consortium, Family Medicine Program | Mechanistic actions of psychedelics on neurogenesis: Rebuilding the tapestry of consciousness

  • Third Place - Henry M. Blunk, DO, University Hospitals, St. John Medical Center, Internal Medicine Program | Acute Pulmonary Embolism in a Patient with STAT3 Mutation After Recent SARS-CoV2 Infection

  • Honorable Mention - Irfan Ali, DO, University Hospitals, St. John Medical Center, Internal Medicine Program | Lenvatinib Induced Pancreatitis in a Patient with Metastatic Neuroendocrine Tumor

Student Winners


Category: Case Report

  • First Place - Rachel A. Branning, OMS-IV, OU-HCOM | A case of Medical Management of Spondylodiscitis with neurological deficits

  • Second Place - Nicholas P. Panico, OMS-III, LECOM | Familial Eosinophilic Esophagitis with an X-Linked Inheritance Pattern

  • Third Place - Phuong Daniels, OMS-IV, LECOM | Negative Penicillin Skin testing induced anaphylaxis

  • Honorable Mention - Tyler M. Birkholz, OMS-IV | OU-HCOM | Non-Operative Management of Sarcina ventriculi Associated Severe Emphysematous Gastritis: A Case Report

  • Honorable Mention - Phuong Daniels, OMS-IV | LECOM | A patient with a corticosteroid-resistant pruritic rash: A clinicopathological challenge

Category: Educational Research

  • First Place - Phuong Daniels, OMS-IV, LECOM | Procedural Training Series Impact on Allergy/Immunology Trainees’ Fellowship Experience

  • Second Place - Hannah M. Parson, OMS-II, OU-HCOM | Examining the Role of Medical Education in Refugee Care Readiness and Cultural Competency

Category: Literature Review

  • First Place - Emily Shuffstall, OMS-IV, | LECOM | Effects of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment on Hospital Length of Stay in Post-Operative Patients: A Meta-Analysis

  • Second Place - Mitchell Boshkos, OMS-III, | LECOM | Can autologous PRP injections be used as an alternative treatment method for disc herniations? A review

  • Third Place - Mitchell Boshkos, OMS-III, LECOM | Gait Improvements in Parkinson’s Disease as a Result of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment & Gait Training

Category:  Original Research

  • First Place - Claire Stuart, OMS-III, | OU-HCOM | Improving Health Literacy: Creating an Effective Nutritional Pamphlet

  • Second Place - Ayoub R. Harb, OMS-II, | OU-HCOM | Prognostic Value with Combined Sonographic Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter and Near Infrared Spectroscopy Measurements for Predicting Neurological Outcome after Cardiac Arrest

  • Third Place - Rebecca L. Schmehl, OMS-III, | OU-HCOM | Abandoning the Cut: A Maasai Community Transitions from FGM/C

  • Honorable Mention - Nathan Fletcher, OMS-III, | OU-HCOM | MRI-Determined Tidal Volumes, Minute Ventilation, and Cardiac Output in Neonatal Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia

  • Honorable Mention - Adam Taha, OMS-I, | OU-HCOM | Developmental Pesticide Exposure Causes an Autism-Related Phenotype in Mouse and Prairie Vole

  • Honorable Mention - Kailee M. Pollock, OMS-I | OU-HCOM | Outcomes related to cardiac surgery enhanced recovery after surgery (C-ERAS) protocol

Category: Osteopathic Focused Scholarly Activity / Case Study > Literature Review

  • First Place - Phuong Daniels, OMS-IV, | LECOM | Development of a home-based osteopathic manipulative module

  • Second Place - Jeffrey Sommer, OMS-III, | LECOM | Effect of Osteopathic Manipulative Techniques on Reducing Headache Days

  • Third Place - Syed Ali Quadri, OMS-III, | LECOM | Manipulative Treatment on the OA Joint to Treat Tension Type Headaches


Hear the first place winners present their research on Sunday, January 29 at the 58th Annual Winter Conference CLICK HERE for details for 24 hours of AOA Category 1-A CME credit. 

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