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Registrations > Add-To-Calendar Added to Final 'Thank You' Screen


End users will now see an 'Add to Calendar' button on the final screen of the Registration process. This button allows them to add a calendar entry to all of the major calendar applications. The Timezone used is based upon the Timezone established with each Event record. This allows end-users to track the correct time in their local Timezone.

Note that the 'Add to Calendar' button is also present when viewing Calendar entries. The Timezone is based upon the Timezone specified in the Calendar record.

You can set your default Timezone in the Admin Settings. However, the Timezone always uses whatever is specified on the Event or Calendar record.

This is a Third-Party plugin we are licensing to provide this functionality and it appears to be the best option available. However, we have noticed that their service is occasionally unavailable. When that happens the 'Add to Calendar' button is disabled and an error message is displayed.

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