Best AMS software for AMCs and stand-alone associations.

Fran Rickenbach - Management Excellence, Inc.

We have worked with TCS Software since 2003. When I talk with other AMS companies, I'm continually amazed at the high value we receive from TCS compared to their competitors for a most reasonable monthly fee. Their support staff is magnificent. When we want to think strategically about implementing different capabilities, they can think at the 10,000 foot level and implement efficiently at ground level. Perhaps best of all is that there is never a charge for upgrades! Their new upgrade feature lets us know about their most recent tweaks - and we never have to dig into our savings to pay for the newest version or worry about becoming technologically out of date. Our input and ideas are always listened to - and we're given reasonable feedback about when our requests can be implemented. The integration of the AMS with our websites and e-bulletins saves our clients thousands of dollars annually.

TCS understands the need for association management companies to keep client data absolutely separate - and understands that each of our clients have their own unique needs and challenges - and they meet them all.

I highly recommend TCS Software to any association executive or AMC.

Fran Rickenbach, President
Management Excellence, Inc.
Client Since: 2001

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