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Kathie Cesa - KOC Member Services

TCS Software's WebSuite2 allows the associations I manage to provide professional, up-to-date, technology savvy experiences for the association members/potential members/and vendors that visit and interact the their websites. The staff at TCS is extremely knowledgeable about the technical side of providing the relational database and active website. They are also well-versed and experienced with regard to the unique needs of associations.

TCS folks get to know you and your association and are very sensitive to the association staff they are working with. The result is a collaboration that results in positive benefits for the association members. TCS listens carefully to their clients and are always looking for ways to continue improving WebSuite2 based on those conversations. It is pretty rewarding when a system-wide change takes place based on an idea or suggestion that you gave to the team.

In addition, you will always receive superior, timely support and training. You don¿t take a number or get placed in a queue. From your initial contact to ongoing support, you will deal with personnel that know you and your association. I know help is always a quick phone call away.

The functionally of WebSuite2 is excellent. One contact record that connects to all the services you need to provide for members -- email, invoicing, receiving payments, registering for events, and online forms that are easy to design and update. Not to mention the ability to keep your association's website current and interesting.

And did I say it is easy? I am not tech savvy and appreciate the straight-forward, intuitive back end of WebSuite2. It almost makes me feel like a 'techy'!

An excellent product backed by an outstanding team!

Kathie Cesa, CAE, Executive Director
KOC Member Services

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